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Let's work together to make your mealtimes easier.

Meal Services Menu: Services
Healthy Eating Made Easy

Meal Planning 101

60 minutes: $95.00

Love the idea of a creating your own meal plan, but need a little help figuring out how to put it together to meet your goal?
I can walk you through the steps of building your own great meal plan that works for your life.  We will work together to build a sample plan to get you started.

A Dietitian in Your Kitchen

Custom Pricing

A custom service where I come to your kitchen to help, educate or entertain. I can work with just you or you can invite friends.

A few possibilities are:

  • Dinner and a dietitian: Choose a food or nutrition topic you want to learn about, and I'll prepare the food and discussion to match.

  • Meals for a health condition: Hands-on cooking instruction to show you how to manage a health condition with foods added to meals. Possibilities may include using more plant protein, adding fibre or reducing sugar or salt. 

  • Food gifts from your kitchen: Create food themed gifts for yourself or to share with others, such as soup or rice mixes, ready to eat meals for one or baked goods.

  • Hands-on cooking skills: Need some help with the basics of cooking? Are you tired of take-out? I'll give you a run down on basic kitchen staples and prep methods for making your own meals.

Food costs and supplies extra.​

A dietitian in your kitchen
Creating Healthy Meals

Building Blocks of Healthy Meals

Custom pricing

Building a meal is a lot like putting together blocks. You put different pieces together to make the whole creation. Just like blocks, you can combine different foods, cooking techniques and kitchen equipment to create appealing meals. Make the most of your time in the kitchen using different “blocks”.

Let me show you the possibilities in your kitchen.

  • Cook extras of foods that take longer to make.

  • Make big batches of sauces and soups.

  • Use leftovers for brand new meals.

  • Maximize what your freezer can do for you.

  • Put your slow cooker, oven or grill to work.

  • Reduce food waste.

Baby at Home

Custom pricing

A custom service to help make meal time faster, easier and less stressful for new parents.

  • Get ready for baby: Add stocking your cupboard, fridge and freezer with easy to prepare and eat foods to your pre-baby to-do list. Once baby is home, a well stocked kitchen will make meals easier on the days when there are other things on your plate. I can provide hands-on help or just inspiration for practical meals built around your tastes and lifestyle.

  • In-home baby food making class: Hands-on instruction for you or you and a group of caregivers on making your own baby or toddler foods.

Instruction on Making Your Own Baby Food
Personal Grocery Shopping Guide

Take Your Dietitian Grocery Shopping

60 minutes: $95.00

Go grocery shopping with a Registered Dietitian. Learn how to use package labels to choose the best foods for you in each category.  I'll give you simple tips on what to look for in each section of the grocery store to meet your needs and budget.
Travel rates apply if outside Truro area.

Personalized Meal Plans

2 weeks: $195.00
4 weeks: $300.00

We will meet to discuss your meal habits and goals, such as health, lifestyle, eating habits, likes/dislikes, cooking skills, etc. I will take away this information and use it to create your meal plan. We will meet again to review the completed plan.
A selection of items will be delivered with the final meal plan, based on your needs. This may include: menu, recipes, directions for simple food preparation, snack or breakfast ideas, support information for meal plan (i.e. grocery list, storage tips, substitutions, ways to re-use recipes with alternate proteins, vegetables or grains, ways to use leftovers).

Personalized meal plans
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