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Nutrition Gift Certificates

Nutrition Services Gift Certificates

Terms and Conditions

Purchaser: refers to the individual purchasing a gift certificate.

Client: refers to the person using a gift certificate as payment for a nutrition service provided by Jennifer Ferguson, RD.

You acknowledge that in purchasing a gift certificate from Jennifer Ferguson, RD, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions outlined below.

  1. The purchase of gift cards from Jennifer Ferguson, RD and use of gift cards to pay for nutrition services provided by Jennifer Ferguson, RD are not eligible for reimbursement through any health insurance program.

  2. The purchaser acknowledges that they are not entitled to any information related to the use of the gift certificate by the recipient (the client). All information related to the user (the client) of the gift certificate is private and confidential and will not be disclosed to the purchaser by Jennifer Ferguson, RD without prior written consent from the client. See Privacy Policy.

  3. Gift certificates may be redeemed for virtual or in person nutrition services offered by Jennifer Ferguson, RD.

  4. Nutrition services are only available to residents of Nova Scotia.

  5. No refunds will be issued on the purchase of gift certificates or for nutrition services rendered by Jennifer Ferguson, RD.

  6. Gift certificates have no cash value.

  7. Gift certificates can only be redeemed by one (1) client.

  8. The client is responsible for any charges not covered by the value of the gift certificate.

  9. Only original gift certificates will be recognized for redemption toward nutrition services from Jennifer Ferguson, RD. No photos, reproductions, replicas, etc will be accepted.

  10. Lost or damaged gift certificates will be replaced at the discretion of the issuer, Jennifer Ferguson, RD.

  11. In the event of a dispute on the redemption of gift certificates, the records of Jennifer Ferguson, RD will be taken as fact. You may request to see evidence of redemption.

  12. For information on redemption or outstanding balance, contact Jennifer Ferguson, RD at

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