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Waiting for a hurricane

Hurricane Fiona is barreling toward Nova Scotia. Like everyone else in the Maritimes, I have done all the things that can be done to prepare. Everything outside has been moved inside or tied down. The batteries have been checked, there is gas in the vehicles and the devices are charged. What else is there to do except wait?

Well, if you are me, you check the fridge. Not for what's missing, but for what's in there that I need to do something with. I want to know what can I prepare ahead for meals when the power is out. And I want to see what is potentially going to be lost if the power is out for a prolonged period. And then come up with a plan.

The potential lost food is the first priority. I have reassigned freezable items to the freezer. I have shuffled things around so the grab and go items are on one side, right at the front. The less time that door is open, the better. With those tasks done, I moved onto things to eat when there is no power.

I noticed I had some odds and ends kicking around, so I made clean out the fridge spicy chicken noodle soup for lunch. There is enough for leftovers tomorrow. Wonder what that might taste like cold. Hmmm.

But while I was poking about in the fridge, I noticed three rather sad and limp carrots and one very wizzled apple. Despite the best of intentions, it happens to everyone. Produce gets shuffled to the bottom of the crisper drawer. On closer inspection, there is no mush, just wrinkles. Still salvageable. I decided to turn these items into muffins.

Perfect for breakfast when there may or may not be power. To go with my iced coffee that is liable to be the only option for tomorrow morning. I'm not too fussy about the temperature of my caffeine, just so long as there is caffeine available. But I digress.

Onto the muffins....

A comment on my Facebook page a little bit ago mentioned Morning Glory muffins. These are not a muffin I usually make. My go-to's are blueberry, raspberry and strawberry versions. But my understanding is that these muffins use carrots and apples. Seems like I have the perfect way to use up my sad produce and have storm food!

A search of my cookbook collection revealed Morning Glory muffins are a basic muffin mix with a number of add-in possibilities. As usual, why would I follow a recipe right to the letter? Crazy talk that.

Checked my cupboard. I do indeed have raisins, coconut and nuts but no wheat bran. No matter. I have oat bran. No crushed pineapple, but do have pineapple tidbits. I have no patience to shred pineapple bits, so a quick chop and into the bowl it goes!

The spices make this seem like a fall muffin. Who can deny the appeal of cinnamon and ginger? I decided that my Stormy Morning Glory Muffins were going to step it up a notch and use candied ginger rather than powdered ginger. Might as well make something special to welcome a hurricane!

After some grating, measuring and mixing, the muffin mix is in the bowl. I remember the golden rule of muffins in Home Ec: stir way less than you think. And then stir less than that! I always have flour visible in my muffin batter. It prevents muffins with peaked tops and tunnels. Although if you end up with that kind of muffin, I'm pretty sure it tastes just as good!

Into the oven for half an hour and oh my the smell. You know the one. Apples, cinnamon, sweet, savoury. That's it. Too bad smell-o-vision isn't a thing.

Out they came, golden, brown and smelling delightful.

Regardless of whether I have power tomorrow morning or not, I definitely have the start of a fantastic breakfast. And, I have a new recipe for my muffin lineup. Let's hope Hurricane Fiona is gentle with the Maritimes and that the only leftover is a Stormy Morning Glory muffin.

Be safe everyone.

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